Flag Days

Flag Day

It is important to fly the flag on these holidays, dates of state admission, and occasions declared by the President.


  • New Year's Day, January 1
  • Inauguration Day, January 20
  • Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday, third Monday in January


  • Lincoln's Birthday, February 12
  • Washington's Birthday, third Monday in February


  • Mother's Day, second Sunday in May
  • Armed Forces Day, third Saturday in May
  • Memorial Day (half-staff until noon*), the last Monday in May


  • Flag Day, June 14


  • Independence Day, July 4


  • Labor Day, first Monday in September
  • Constitution Day, September 17


  • Columbus Day, second Monday in October
  • Navy Day, October 27


  • Veterans Day, November 11
  • Thanksgiving Day, fourth Thursday in November


  • Christmas Day, December 25


Dates of Statehood

When was your state admitted to the union?

Alabama (22nd state) December 14, 1819 (5th U.S. Flag Design/23-Stars)
Alaska (49th state) January 3, 1959 (26th U.S. Flag Design/49-Stars)
Arizona (48th state) February 14, 1912 (25th U.S. Flag Design/48-Stars)
Arkansas (25th state) June 15, 1836 (7th U.S. Flag Design/25-Stars)
California (31st state) September 9, 1850 (13th U.S. Flag Design/31-Stars)
Colorado (38th state) August 1, 1876 (20th U.S. Flag Design/38-Stars)
Connecticut (5th of Original 13) January 9, 1788 (1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
Delaware (1st of Original 13) December 7, 1787 (1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
Florida (27th state) March 3, 1845 (9th U.S. Flag Design/27-Stars)
Georgia (4th of Original 13) January 2, 1788 (1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
Hawaii (50th state) August 21, 1959 (27th U.S. Flag Design/50-Stars)
Idaho (43rd state) July 3, 1890 (21st U.S. Flag Design/43-Stars)
Illinois (21st state) December 3, 1818 (4th U.S. Flag Design/21-Stars)
Indiana (19th state) December 11, 1816 (3rd U.S. Flag Design/20-Stars)
Iowa (29th state) December 26, 1846 (11th U.S. Flag Design/29-Stars)
Kansas (34th state) January 23, 1861 (16th U.S. Flag Design/34-Stars)
Kentucky (15th state) June 1, 1792 (2nd U.S. Flag Design/15-Stars)
Louisiana (18th state) April 30, 1812 (3rd U.S. Flag Design/20-Stars)
Maine (23rd state) March 15, 1820 (5th U.S. Flag Design/23-Stars)
Maryland (7th of Original 13) April 28, 1788 (1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
Massachusetts (6th of Original 13) February 6, 1788 (1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
Michigan (26th state) January 26, 1837 (8th U.S. Flag Design/26-Stars)
Minnesota (32nd state) May 11, 1858 (14th U.S. Flag Design/32-Stars)
Mississippi (20th state) December 10, 1817 (3rd U.S. Flag Design/20-Stars)
Missouri (24th state) August 10, 1821 (6th U.S. Flag Design/24-Stars)
Montana (41st state) November 3, 1889 (21st U.S. Flag Design/43-Stars)
Nebraska (37th state) March 1, 1867 (19th U.S. Flag Design/37-Stars)
Nevada (36th state) October 31, 1864 (18th U.S. Flag Design/36-Stars)
New Hampshire (9th of Original 13) June 21, 1788 (1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
New Jersey (3rd of Original 13) December 18, 1787 (1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
New Mexico (47th state) January 6th, 1912 (25th U.S. Flag Design/48-Stars)
New York (11th of Original 13) July 25, 1788 (1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
North Carolina (12th of Original 13) November 21, 1789 (1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
North Dakota (39th state) November 2, 1889 (21st U.S. Flag Design/43-Stars)
Ohio (17th state) March 1, 1803 (3rd U.S. Flag Design/20-Stars)
Oklahoma (46th state) November 16, 1907 (24th U.S. Flag Design/46-Stars)
Oregon (33rd state) February 14, 1859 (15th U.S. Flag Design/33-Stars)
Pennsylvania (2nd of Original 13) December 12, 1787 (1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
Rhode Island (13th of Original 13) May, 29, 1790 (1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
South Carolina (8th of Original 13) May 23, 1788 (1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
South Dakota (40th state) November 2, 1889 (21st U.S. Flag Design/43-Stars)
Tennessee (16th state) June 1, 1796 (3rd U.S. Flag Design/20-Stars)
Texas (28th state) December 29, 1845 (10th U.S. Flag Design/28-Stars)
Utah (45th state) January 4, 1896 (23rd U.S. Flag Design/45-Stars)
Vermont (14th state) March 4, 1791 (2nd U.S. Flag Design/15-Stars)
Virginia (10th of Original 13) June 25, 1788**(1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
Washington (42nd state) November 11, 1889 (21st U.S. Flag Design/43-Stars)
West Virginia (35th state) June 20, 1863 (17th U.S. Flag Design/35-Stars)
Wisconsin (30th state) May 29, 1848 (12th U.S. Flag Design/30-Stars)
Wyoming (44th state) July 10, 1890 (22nd U.S. Flag Design/44-Stars)