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Our company is the preferred provider of high-quality American flags and residential and commercial flagpoles. We take pride in knowing that all our flags and poles are made in the USA by some of the nation's oldest manufacturers. We're deeply committed to our great country, and to supporting the values and ideals our Founding Fathers created our flag to stand for.

Whether you're looking for a US flag outside your home, office, building complex or stadium, we carry national, state and military flags in a ranges of sizes and fabrics. Our flagpoles come in different finishes, heights, and windspeed capacities. Choose from telescoping or standard (internal or external halyard) models. Our internal halyard models come with a cam action cleat or maintenance-free internal winch. If you are looking for high quality US flags for sale then Flag Raisers is the place to buy them.

In addition to our high-quality flags and flagpoles, we have created a great opportunity for Boy Scout Troops to raise funds. Our Flag Raisers Fundraising Program gives troops across the country a way to develop business skills and community relations, while building patriotism at the same time. Learn more about the program and sign up today.